Welcome to Winners Chapel, Georgia

Exceeding Grace Greetings to you in the name of Jesus.

May I welcome you with joy unspeakable to your year of Exceeding Grace.
A year where God is moving you from Double Portion to Exceeding Portion, but Exceeding Grace is not cheap it comes into fulfillment by fighting a good fight of faith to see the fulfillment of prophesy. 1 Timothy 1-18.

I strongly admonish you therefore to seek God’s face in this season for no one who ever sees His face remains the same.  Seeking His face is the cure to every shame in life.

In this year of Exceeding Grace, your greatness will emerge to the world. Please get tuned up by keying to every word and resource materials especially the books of the month as well as the 12 pillars of the commission Mp3 to enrich your souls.

My prayer is that Exceeding Grace will not be in vain in your life.

Pastor Timoteu Ariyo